Privacy Policy

Nuvo Condos recognizes the importance of your privacy. Nuvo Condos also knows that there are few choices in life as personal and important as the choice of finding a new home. In demonstrating our commitment to your privacy, we have created Nuvo Condos’ Privacy Code of Conduct, which complies with or exceeds Canada’s new Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Our code includes the following three commitments.

  • Nuvo Condos will only collect your personal information with your consent;
  • Nuvo Condos will protect your personal information that is collected, and;
  • Nuvo Condos will only use your personal information to provide you and your family with leading services in your search for a new home.
  • Nuvo Condos will never sell, trade or barter your personal information to anyone for commercial or personal gain. At any time you may also access your personal information and request that any errors or omissions be corrected, as soon as possible.

In addition, we will only keep your personal information as long as it is reasonably necessary for Nuvo Condos to provide leading services to you.